Sales by Fluid Control Products Inc.— (“Seller”) In the United States and Canada are made only on the terms which are contained in this Selling Policy. Seller hereby gives notice of its objection to any different or additional terms and conditions. This sale is expressly conditional upon Purchaser’s assent to the terms and conditions set forth below. These terms and conditions may be modified or supplemented only by a written document signed by an authorized representative of Seller. These terms and conditions supersede any prior and/or contemporaneous agreements or correspondence between Purchaser and Seller. Written quotations expire thirty (30) days from the date of issuance and can be withdrawn by written notice anytime during that period. Prices shown are in US dollars. Please call us for current prices if you require this information prior to placing your order. If you place your order by phone, we will confirm our current price at that time. Price changes: Shipment will be made promptly even if prices have been nominally increased. Price changes will be automatically applied to your invoice.


Payment — Terms of sale are net 30 days from date of invoice upon approved credit, unless otherwise stated. Company check and credit card payment are acceptable forms of payment. Seller reserves the right to alter, withdraw or postpone the delivery of products and/or terms of payment without notice to Buyer. Any costs including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees, accounting fees and other expenses of collection resulting from any default by Buyer in any of the terms hereof.


Taxes and other charges — Any use tax, sales tax, excise tax, duty, custom, inspection or testing fee, or any other tax, fee or charge of any nature whatsoever imposed by any governmental authority, on or measured by the transaction between Seller and Buyer shall be paid by Buyer in addition to the prices quoted or invoiced. In the event Seller is required to pay any such tax, fee or charge, Buyer shall reimburse Seller therefore; or, in lieu of such payment, Buyer shall provide Seller at the time the order is submitted an exemption certificate or other document acceptable to the authority imposing the tax, fee or charge.


Returns — Goods may not be returned for credit except with Seller’s permission, and then only in strict compliance with Seller’s return shipment instructions. Certain items may not be returned for credit. These items include, but are not limited to: pH & ORP probes, calibration solutions which have passed their expiration dates; custom products or special orders; products missing labels, parts, or instruction manuals; and books, computer software and equipment removed from their original packaging. Any returned items may be subject to a processing fee and must be returned within 90 days of purchase.


Warranty – Manufacture warranty is in effect from date of purchase and is limited to original purchaser. Warranty applies to workmanship and manufacture defect.


Freight Prepaid — Freight is prepaid and included in the price of all Products, within the 48 contiguous United States for orders placed with Fluid Control Products Inc. Seller shall select the method of shipment and routing unless otherwise instructed on purchasers purchase order. Freight for all Fluid Control Products Inc. orders is prepaid and added to the invoice.
For shipments outside the contiguous United States, Purchaser is responsible for the cost of freight from point of embarkation, including any handling and transportation charges incidental to loading at the point of departure and unloading at the final destination.