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Fluid Control Products

Fluid Control Products is your A to Z supplier for your fluid control needs. If you have to pump it, measure it, store it or monitor it we are here for you. Handling everything from the tank, pipe, fittings and valves to the chemical resistant grating, FRP angle, pipe hangers and clips…we have your solution. Our technical desk is available with support for our instrumentation, pumps and system configuration, we have a solution for your pH, level, conductivity, flow and other fluid control applications. If chemical injection is your thing, we stock a wide variety of tubing, LLPE, HDLPE, polypropylene, PVDF, PFA, Teflon (PTFE) and stainless steel. To complete your system we have dual containment tanks, metering pumps, enclosures and controllers for that clean installation.

Want some help finding what you need?

Our Customer Service department is available from 7:30-4:30 at toll free