DC-Style, Female Coupler Cap

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•Safety latches available on all couplers and dust caps ranging in size from 1-1/4˝ to 4˝
•Chemical resistant to most acids (Refer to chemical resistance table for specific recommendation)
•Temperature range from 10° F to 180° F
•All couplers feature stainless steel handles & pins
•Interchangeable with other couplers and adapters manufactured to MIL-spec
•EPDM gaskets furnished standard. Buna-N, Viton® and Nitrile also available
Size Operating Pressure
1/4”-1” 125 psi max @ 70° F
1-1/4”-2” 100 psi max @ 70° F
3” 75 psi max @ 70° F
4” 35 psi max @ 70° F
WARNING: To prevent accidental opening fully engage and secure handles prior to pressurizing.
•Use where ultra high purity is required.
•FDA / NSF compliant.
•Resists most corrosive chemicals, acids, bases, salts, solvents, halogens, chlorinated solvents and is an UL94-VO listing.
•Good choice for high temperature applications.
•Temperature range -20°F to 300°F.
•Can be used in place of Stainless Steel in many applications.
•Good chemical and corrosion resistance.
•Resists most acids, chemicals and fertilizers.
•Temperature range 10°F up to 180°F.